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Embracing the holistic and balanced way of life.

From the beginning of my work as a medical practitioner in Germany I knew that I wanted to practice medicine differently.


I always was convinced about the significance of utilizing nutrition and a balanced lifestyle to help my patients improve their health and prevent illness. To further my education, I studied Naturopathic Medicine in Germany, as well as Complementary Gynecology, Nutritional Medicine, and Ayurveda.


During this time, I realized that I was responsible for my own health and that by considering all aspects of body, mind, and soul, I could significantly improve my well-being. This experience taught me that even when life gets tough, there is always the possibility for a beautiful view if I continue to climb upwards.



Through my personal story I deeply feel with every patient, and became very passionate about medicine, nutrition, and promoting a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. I am committed to continuously learning and integrating new aspects of health into my practice. Witnessing the positive impact that naturopathic medicine has had on the lives of my patients is what drives me every day.

Education and Training

  • Physical Medicine in Berlin, Oldenburg and Vienna
  • Naturopathic Medicine and Nutritionist in Kenzingen, Amsterdam and Seoul (South Korea). 
  • Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg
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